I am an organizer for a mom’s group and I absolutely love the group! In general I’m not the most extraverted person but it has forced me to be more outgoing and I’m glad decided to put myself out there. It feels amazing to be connected to people who understand what you’re going through. Women can be so catty sometimes but not these moms. Not so far anyway. I did decide to delete someone and block her from the group. Statistically speaking there was bound to be one oddball. 1 out of 140 is not bad! I deleted her after seeing a Facebook post she wrote to someone she considered her “bestie.” In one of her posts she called her friend a “nigger” and told her to “go back to Africa.” Whoa! I was shocked! That was it for me. I deleted her and blocked her. I couldn’t risk the possibility of her blowing up on someone especially since we have children in the group… And also other human beings. She later posted saying “I’m not racist!” I wanted to ask her if she understood what the word “racist” means. Which actually is a pretty legitimate question considering she once asked me how Olive Garden worked…

Anyhow, here’s a picture of my baby Liam Misha at the meet up this morning.

We decided a tie was in order.

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