Twin life – Westsiiiiide!!

A friend from my moms group recently asked me for my thoughts/advice on having twins. She has a friend who is having twins and wanted some of my thoughts on my must haves. Having twins is an entirely different ball game, so I hear, anyway. I wouldn’t know, because it’s all I know! I thought I’d share! I tried my best to leave out all the cliché “It’s hard but so worth it” And blah blah blah. Here goes…..

1. Something I wish I hadn’t done is buy bottles with 1 million parts. It just takes up too much time with twins…putting it together and taking them apart and washing them…it’s just ridiculous. Two bottles that are really easy to clean and work really well with colic 1) avent natural flow and 2)

2. I would definitely buy two Boppy’s. It makes a big difference for feeding. They say don’t do bottle propping but with twins you’re kind of desperate, especially at the night feedings. There’s something called the “table for two” but it’s $300 and I don’t know that it’s worth it. What I do for feedings – I put the babies in the boppys then I roll a blanket up and prop the bottles. Of course I’m with them the entire time. I feel like it’s just as sufficient as the table for two. Plus you don’t have to hold the bottles when you prop them.

3. The baby breeza- love love love this thing. It’s basically a krieg for formula. The unfortunate reality is that most moms don’t make enough milk to feed twins so you end up supplementing with formula. You still have to heat the breast milk but being able to skip the formula mixing portion is great! FYI babies r us will price match.

4. A twin pack n play…I have one from Graco. It has a double bassinet. It is great because they have their own space and you don’t have to worry about them rolling into each other or latching onto each other…sounds strange but it happens.

5. If you have a two story house make sure to buy two changing pads. We spent the first month carrying it up and down the stairs.

6. This is just a general recommendation. We just bought an angle care. I would recommend that you get at least one. There is so much to do with multiples that it adds additional piece of mind. I sleep more soundly knowing it is there and it saves me from getting up a million times a night to check on their breathing. We have one that sleeps on his stomach and it freaks me out.

7. The snugabunny swing is great bc it allows for different settings and swings in different directions. You never know what your baby’s will like and chances are they have different preferences. It’s nice to have choices. That being said, don’t by two of the same swing. And definitely buy a rock n play.

8. Twins usually spend at least sometime in the nicu. This is really hard! But the best advice I can give you is while they are there learn as much as you can about how to care for them. The nicu nurses are your bestfriend. Especially if these are your first babies. Apparently Nicu babies are a whole different ball game so ask a million questions and use it as practice time. image

9. Double My breast friend…I would say don’t buy it. Most mothers of twins rarely are able to first, produce enough milk to feed both twins and second, learn to tandem feed. I have a double my breast friend and I don’t really use it except when I’m breast-feeding one. And sometimes I just use a pillow. I wish I would have left it off the registry because it was pricey and I rarely use it.

10. I really like my stroller. It will grow with the children. it’s big but it fits in the back of my 4 door 2005 Honda accord which is really nice. If you decide to get it you have to have the click connect car seats…they are the only compatible with that car seat. With all that being said I’ve never used anything else.

11. Having twins generally means that you have a C-section. Also it’s very common for women who have twins to go into preeclampsia. My babies were six weeks early because I had preeclampsia and I had to have an emergency C-section. Something that nobody prepare me for was the magnesium drip that’s required after having preeclampsia. The drip makes you really dizzy and really nauseous. It made me so sick that I literally wasn’t able to see the babies for 24 hours. They took me into the nicu in a wheelchair but they wouldn’t allow me to get up so I couldn’t see them bc they were too high in the crib. Once they wheeled me in and they were going to hand me one of the babies but I threw up everywhere right before they handed him to me. I tell you this because I wish someone had told me that it was a possibility. I had all these high hopes about doing skin to skin with the babies once they came out but having a C-section they wouldn’t allow me to hold them. I saw them for each about three seconds before they took them away. The whole experience was nothing like I thought it would be and the magnesium drip was horrible. I don’t mean to discourage you at all but I wish someone had shared it with me.

12) I’m not sure if you are going to breast-feed but I also want to make you aware that when you have twins lactation consultants generally aren’t focused on helping you and the baby latch. Or at least mine weren’t. They seemed more focused on teaching me to pump. If your babies are early and have to go into the nicu they will more than likely have to give them formula to insure they are getting the proper nutrients.

13. Just a suggestion but with twins it’s a time saver to only buy sleep and play pjs that have a zipper. I tend to ignore the snap pjs. They are really inconvenient when you have two babies.

Hope this helps!

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