Dirty laundry

At the risk of  sounding ungrateful, I’m going to say it. My husband did a lot of laundry. I mean A LOT lot of laundry. Which is great. Wonderful. Excellent. Only not so much.

He’s been washing the clothes in fabric softener. I was wondering why the boy’s clothing didn’t quite smell clean. I’ll have to redo it all. All two weeks worth of laundry. That’s probably close to 15 loads in this house.

There’s nothing I hate more than laundry. Nothing. I would much rather clean the toilet then do a load laundry. I don’t like things that take a long time. Some people feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing a load. Me? No. After I finish a loud of laundry I feel as though a small piece of my soul has been ripped right out from under me.

I would’ve never made it in the 50s.

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