My L babies

These are my L babies. My sweet little loves, Luca Alexander and Liam Misha.

Luca bear was baby B. In the womb he would do summer salts and kick his brother either on purpose to play or accidentally and unknowingly… I find both possilities endearing. He’s is fiery, curious and independent. He seems to be a very muscular baby…I often joke that he will be a body builder. He has the the brightest baby blues and dark blondish hair. And his complexion! It’s perfect with his milky skin tone and rosy cheeks. When he sleeps he looks like an angel.

Baby Liam Misha was, obviously, baby A. He’s cuddly and wants to be held all the time. He likes to nestle in my chest and he melts in my arms. He smirks instead of smiling and when he cries it sounds like a timid baby goat “maaa. maaa. maaa.”….which generally translates to “hold me, mama. Hold me.” He has dark brown hair and soft baby grey eyes. I hope they don’t change. He prefers to sleep on his stomach and is forever attempting to rollover. My husband and I call him Misha or Meeshy and the name suits him well.

They are my Lbabies. Each is very unique, but equally adored. They have my whole heart.


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